Reading in the MS: So Little Time, So Many Books

Henry C., Staff Writer

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Photo by Henry C.

Reading is a big factor at schools throughout the world, especially at Westminster. Teachers encourage students to read so they can be better learners and even have fun while doing it.

There are some students that love to read; however, there are some that hate it.

Assistant Librarian Addie Matteson loves to read. She said, “I read all the time. It is great for your brain, and it makes you a better writer.”

Ms. Matteson is also in charge of the eighth grade boys book club, and she is in a teacher book club.

According to Bible teacher Jane Armstrong, “Reading is great for your vocabulary, and it helps calm your mind and relax. I enjoy reading mystery court cases, and I normally read when I go on vacations.”

Mrs. Armstrong also thinks reading is a good life long skill to have.

Many teachers in the middle school give their students time for SSR. They are not allowed to catch up on homework or study for a test. They can only read.

Seventh grade girl Christiana T. said, “My English teacher gives my class time for SSR, but I don’t like it that much because it can be very boring. If I had to pick a book to read, it would be non-fiction.”

According to a survey with over 100 responces, 46 percent of students say they love to read. There are 30 percent of students who say they read sometimes. And there are 23 percent who say they do not like to read at all.

The survey also shows that action and adventure, comedy, mystery, drama, comics, science fiction, and horror are the most popular types of books in the middle school.

Eighth grade boy Scott J. wishes he could read more often, but he doesn’t have any time in his busy schedule. He said, “If I occasionally ever do have time to read, I enjoy science fiction. I think reading benefits you, but so many people can’t find the time.”

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