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Welcome to Westminster: The Wildcat Experience

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By Westminster students give prospective families a taste of The Wildcat Experience, it shows what there school is all about. Two weeks ago, on November 30, many students and teachers had a great time.

Admissions Associate Lydia Hansen helped plan The Wildcat Experience to make visiting students and parents feel at home. She said, “The admissions team involves students in numerous activities to make them feel comfortable.”

Although the admissions team consists of adult faculty and staff only, they are assisted by Admission Ambassadors, students who applied and were selected for the position.

Even though the admissions is mainly run by the adults, in the middle school, there is an admissions council where students co-run the open house and give parents and children a tour.

Rhodé O.
Guests were welcomed to The Wildcat Experience at front doors of Clarkson Hall.

Eighth grader Gregory E. has become a member of the admissions council. He said, “I am really glad that I joined this year because since I was new last year, I have a lot of fresh experience. My job was to tour around parents, hold the door open for students, and make everybody feel welcome.”

The goal of The Wildcat Experience is not just to give students a tour but to give them a feel for what Westminster is really like.

Open House is clearly a big event for many on the admissions team. However, what might not be as obvious is all of the work students must do to be a good host.

Another eighth grade boy, Zach H., enjoyed the recent Open House because he was not only able to promote Westminster but to meet new parents. “It was kind of awkward when I first met her, but once we introduced each other, it was a lot of fun.”

Riley S., an eighth grader, really loved Open House last Friday. She said, “Meeting the parents and hosting them was a change from hosting students our age, but I feel like it went well, and I could answer the questions they asked me.”

Although eighth graders host parents, the sixth and seventh graders get the chance to have a student as their shadow. Seventh grade boy Blake H. liked the event because it brought back memories of when he was the one being toured. “Open House was really cool for me because two years ago I had a really good experience being a shadow.”

Sixth grade boy Kyle C. also really enjoyed The Wildcat Experience. “It was really cool to meet a new student because I learned so much about him.”

Many prospective students had a blast touring the school to see what it was really about. Westminster is looking forward to the next Wildcat Experience on  January 11.

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Welcome to Westminster: The Wildcat Experience