The Tape Invasion

Quinton E., Staff Writer

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Photo courtesy of Alexa L.

The middle school is being invaded with mysterious art projects. Tape hovers and covers nearly every wall in Clarkson Hall.

Recently middle school art students have begun new creative works–one of these is the blue tape project.

Seventh grade boy Carson M. has seen the blue tape but hasn’t explored enough to see the colorful ones. Seeing these projects has also given him an idea of what he is up for when he has to do his own blue tape mural in eighth grade.

“I am not really looking forward to only using tape for one project,” said Carson.

There are also multi-colored designs lurking around the middle school. Sixth grade girl Hayden G. likes the colorful designs more. “My favorite tape mural is the bird outside of the restroom,” she said.

Photo by Quinton E.

One of the most noticed schemes is the mural of Atlanta right outside of Oglesby.

Eighth grader Trey H. said, “That is my favorite art project around the middle school. It is very vibrant and almost like eye candy.”

Photo by Quinton E. Downtown Atlanta tape mural

Sixth grade girl Reeves W. absolutely loves the tape activity going around the school. “I really look forward to creating my own when I get a chance. My favorite one was the one that looks like a hive,” she said.

Photo by Quinton E. Wild interesting vine tape project

Tape around the school seems to be a joy to many students, but one may wonder how a student that contributes to these designs feels.

Eighth grade blue tape artisan Tyler H. has worked on his craft for three months. He said, “The word I went by was connection. I had three connected sections of tape that come out of the middle.”

Connection was not always Tyler’s keyword, for he had plenty of time to come up with ideas. “My cousin told me about the blue tape project when I was in sixth or seventh grade,” he said.

Photo courtesy of Ikechi A.

Middle school students are starting to wrap up their tape creations. Meanwhile, rising sixth and seventh graders admire them as they prepare to take on this challenge next year.

Photo by Quinton E. Volcano Tape Project

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