New Lower School Playground: Danger Zone or Fantasyland?

James H., Staff Writer

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With the new addition of the Lower School playground, most kids really like having more to do and to climb. To some, this playground seems like a dreamland.

Photo by James H.

A researcher with Duerr Evaluation Resources from Website Imagination Playground said, “Playing (on a playground) promotes brain development and helps lay the neural grid for a successful mind through repetitive play actions that reinforce that grid.”

A lot of students do not know about the new playground yet or have not been there, but most of the ones who have love the new changes.

Eighth-grader Wilson I. said, “I really like the sense of freedom that the playground gives off.”

According to the website Alliance Work Partners,  playgrounds are crucial for children. “Giving children the freedom to play in the playground encourages social interactions,” said Nicola Leach from Alliance Work Partners.

Although a lot of middle schoolers like the new addition, some feel that it is unfair the lower school gets all of the cool things.

Myles K. from eighth grade said, “I think that it is unfair that the lower school gets a big playground, but the middle school doesn’t get anything.”

Some middle schoolers don’t even like the new playground.

Sabrina F.A., an eighth-grade girl, said, “Truthfully, I like the old playground more. The new playground seems way too modern.”

Robert T., a seventh grader, has been to the new playground and is concerned for the children’s safety. He said, “The playground is very dangerous, and the kids could fall off and hurt themselves.”

From the perspective of adults, Lower School Principal Mr. McKnight had something to say about the new playground.

When Lower School Principal Whit McKnight was asked about the playground, he said, “The children play on the playground every day. They love the playground.”

When Mr. McKnight was questioned why pre-first through third graders were assigned as the main people to design the playground, he said, “It’s always best to make space for the people who breathe the space.”

Mr. McKnight also said, “The children get to play on the playground before school, so they get to look forward to coming to school. This playground helps grow confidence. It makes school fun.”

Danette Morton, Head of the Middle School, said, “The Lower School used the design thinking process to really understand what they wanted and needed in a play space.”

The playground is fun for all ages too. Ms. Morton said that the playground is fun for the whole family.

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