Insights of the Wildcat Experience

Kiera S., Staff Writer

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The Westminster Middle School held two open houses called the “Wildcat Experience,” where students and parents from different schools came to see the campus and what the school is all about.

Some students enjoyed having shadow students to show around the school, others thought otherwise and would rather help their friends out with their shadow students. What could their reasoning be for this?

Ashlee F., a seventh grade girl, said, “I like having someone. Some days it’s a day when you want to be with your friends, an odd day where you don’t feel like doing any work. And some days it’s kind of fun because you can show people around your school and all of your classes.”

Some people feel like they have too much on their plates and they need a break. For the most part, it must be fun to show someone around a school that they can call their own.

Drew A., a sixth grade girl, said, “When we were in Spanish, everyone was helping them with the language because some kids don’t take Spanish.”

Many Westminster students were helpful to the shadow students so they knew what was happening. All the information shared in class is important, so it is vital that everyone is on the same page.

Sam F., a seventh grade boy, said, “We branch off and do other activities that are more fun than what. We normally do games or different things that show our curriculum.”

During classes with the students, it’s great to explain the class, but it is also important that everyone knows that there is more to Westminster than just classes and work. It’s also fun, so many teachers play games like Kahoot and Quizlet live.

Henry C., an eighth grade boy, said, “They’re nervous and super quiet. They don’t really talk much.”

Westminster is a very large school and students can be intimidated by all of the bigger kids as well. However, the faculty and students tried to make shadow students as comfortable as possible.

Avery M.,  an eighth grade girl, said, “The teachers act a little different because they just want the shadow students to join the school.”

Everyone, including the teachers, tried to be on their best behavior for the open houses. Not only did the shadow students want to make a good impression, but so did the school.

William W., a sixth grade boy, said, “I asked them personal questions like where they go to school and what sports they play. Even little things like what their favorite color is. Just small talk to make them more comfortable.”

Because the visitors may have been nervous, the faculty and students’ job was to make the experience the most relaxed and fun time as possible. This helped many students to truly take in the whole Wildcat Experience.

Westminster is a place of education, competitiveness, and fun. During open houses, the school wants to express all of these things and show what they are really about.

Photo by Kiera S.

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