Clarkson Hall Third Floor: Old vs. New

Ireland M., Staff Writer

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During the Summer of 2018, the third floor of Clarkson Hall was renovated. Windows from the classroom into the hallway and carpet were added, along with tables and chairs for more learning space.

Students and staff around the middle school love and prefer the third floor, while some think it can cause distractions.

When the renovation was starting, most people thought it would be a slight change. No one really knew why they were upgrading the third floor until students and teachers saw the finished product.

Head of the Middle School Danette Morton said, “Throughout the year of 2017-2018, I had an idea of renovating the third floor, and some other people helped. We took visits to other schools to get ideas and came up with upgrading the third floor and lobby area because it was a very welcoming area, so we wanted it to look nice and more modern.”

After the renovation was complete, many people noticed a huge change in the third floor.

Math teacher Rachel Coleman said, “The third floor is aesthetically pleasing to me; however, I prefer the first and second floor because I liked having desks so that students could have their own space. Also having lots of whiteboard space was the best. Plus, the windows can be distracting to the students.”

Most students agree that they prefer the third floor because it is newer, and most like the new carpet and windows, but the windows still, however, cause distraction.

Sylvia B., a seventh grade girl, said, “I have classes on this floor, and I prefer the third floor, but I can get distracted because with the glass, I can see people making faces and just walking by.”

Although the windows can cause some to lose focus, some teachers and students think the carpet is definitely a huge upgrade for the third floor.

Math teacher Mark Cutbirth said, “In the old classrooms, shoes were always very loud. So for the third floor, I really like the carpet because it keeps it quieter and it keeps the student’s shoes from being very noisy.”

The first and second floors are more of an older environment compared to the third floor. Most students think the newest floor looks nicer.

Armstrong J., a seventh grade boy, said, “I like how it’s more modern because it’s a nicer environment, and I would rather learn on the third floor than the first and second because the modern classrooms are very cool.”

Even though many students and lots of teachers prefer the third floor, others like the first and second floors better.

Avery C., an eighth grade girl, said, “I like the second floor the best because it’s easiest to get around. It’s closest to the locker commons and my classes, but I still like the third floor because it has nicer classrooms and lots of work space.”

A lot of people agree the third floor is more open and has more things to do in the hallway.

Sixth grade girl Ella F. said, “I like the third floor more because it’s more open, and I don’t feel as claustrophobic.”

Photo by Ireland M. This part of the third floor has not been renovated.

Photo by Ireland M. This is a part of the third floor that has been renovated.