The New and Improved Collaboration Station

Margaret R., Staff Writer

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The Collaboration Station is new and fun hang out spot in the Middle School, located on the second floor between the Innovation Lab and the sixth-grade boys locker commons.

The creators,  Natalie Brandhorst, Jenny Baker, and Dana Notestine, used recycled wood and furniture to make this space more unique than other spots in the Middle School.

Ms. Brandhorst said, “We used this space because it was a boring spot. There was no use for it, so we turned it into something more modern and useful.”

Many students are unaware of the Collaboration Station. “I did not know that Westminster had created this hang out spot. I think it is a great idea for more social places in the Middle School,” said Ceci M., an eighth-grade girl.

The idea of the Collaboration Station was to create a spot to collaborate or talk. Although, during the process of making it, the teachers changed the layout and the plan. “We made the Collaboration Station so students can change the furniture around and use it in multipurpose ways to make it more special,” said Ms. Notestine.

Several sixth-grade boys enjoy this social spot next to their locker commons. Some say it is an add on to the locker commons. Locke P., a sixth-grade boy, said, “I like having this spot next to out locker commons because me and my friends hang out there a lot. It is also a cool idea, and I am glad to have this in the Middle School.”

Some students think there should be more “special” spots like these around the Middle School. Cameron H., a seventh-grade girl, said, “I think the Westminster faculty should create more spots like this and make it special to the creators. I would enjoy if we had more hang out spots.” 


Photo by Margaret R.

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