The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly; Changes to Homeroom

James H., Staff Writer

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In this past year, homeroom has changed, and almost everyone thinks that it has improved significantly. Although some say it is a bit unorganized, it will be even better next year.

All grade levels have different types of group homeroom. The sixth-grade boys meet with Mr. DuPriest every Thursday, and the sixth-grade girls meet with Ms. McMillan on Thursdays.

The seventh-grade boys go to their locker commons with Dr. Cochran every Wednesday, and the seventh-grade girls meet with Ms. Allen the same day.

The eighth-grade boys have Señor Hoyos bring in a speaker every other Friday, but the eighth-grade girls don’t have any types of regular group homeroom. They have only met around seven times all year as needed.

Photo courtesy of Señor Hoyos

Homerooms are now grouped together by interests and hobbies. Last year, students were grouped together randomly, which created some faults.

Tina McCormick said, “Last year, half of the students wanted to read and half of them wanted to go outside and play sports. People didn’t get to do what they wanted to do. Now, there is a much higher chance that everyone wants to go outside or that everyone wants to read.”

Fewer choices are offered so that grouping kids into homerooms will be much easier for next year.

Rev. also said, “We had 60 interests last year, but it didn’t work because kids chose interests we don’t have. Now, we will only have five.”

Eighth-grader Will Y. said, “The change to homeroom is good because you can interact with people who might be your friends because of the same interests, but they are also bad because sometimes you don’t get paired in the right homeroom.”

Will also said, “Sometimes I wish we could choose who was in the homeroom, but that would cause some problems like being left out.”

Homeroom can provide necessary support, especially for sixth graders or people new to Westminster.

Sixth-grade boy Nate J. said, “You can bond with lots of people to make new friendships because of homeroom.”

Other new activities were introduced to homeroom this year, like having a Fun Day.

Jack S., a seventh-grader, said, “Last year there wasn’t a Fun Day so there wasn’t much time to socialize with your homeroom, but now there is a lot of time to bond with them.”

Westminster also changed the name from advisement to homeroom just in this past year.

Eighth-grader Scott J. said, “I think that Westminster is trying to make it sound more welcoming.”

The change to homeroom is very well liked by most people. Rev hopes that homeroom will continue to get better and better as the years go on.