Spring Exams Comin’ in Hot

Mack T., Staff Writer

Photo by Mack T.

It’s that time of year again; 20 percent of each student’s grade depends on finals. Westminster students have been working tirelessly towards spring exams the whole semester, and they are finally just around the corner. In fact, the first exam is on May 20.

Although stress occurs during spring testing, several students, like Jeb B., enjoy exam week because there are half-days. During exam week, students come to school from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m. then go home. Jeb said, “I like the free time during exam week even though exam week is stressful.”

This seems to be the case with most middle schoolers. The free time during exam week takes a lot of weight off their shoulders. Seventh grader Jake S. said, “The free time balances the stress.”

Not only does this time relieve stress, but it also gives students time to relax. For example, Logan R., an eighth grade boy, said, “I like to rest after each exam.”

Some students feel they have so much free time, they are not stressed at all. Abigail W., an eighth grade girl, said, “Sometimes I don’t study if the class is easy.”

If a student still feels stressed with all of the free time, they can prepare for the exams by studying.  Many make flash-cards based on the content of the exam.

Although this method is helpful, sometimes middle schoolers have so many terms and definitions that even with the amount of free time during the week, it would take a long time to write all of them.

The solution to this for many is a program named Quizlet, an online study helper, where students can type flashcards much faster than writing them.

Students such as seventh grade boy Tyler R. use Quizlet to refresh the things they learned, and take advantage of the options Quizlet provides. Some of these options include computer-generated quizzes, matching games, and flashcards. Tyler said, “I like Quizlet because I can play games while studying.”

Another way students study is to review past classwork like tests and notes to find out what they need to work on. Mercy V., a seventh grade girl, said, “Looking at my past tests helps me to refresh the past units.”

To sum it all up, exams can bring a lot of stress to the middle school, but as it turns out, most don’t feel stressed because of the schedule. Students enjoy exam week more than the average week because of the amount of free time, and they can fend off any worries by studying with tools like Quizlet.