De-Stress with the New MS Mindfulness Club!

De-Stress with the New MS Mindfulness Club!

Foster B, Reporter

A new middle school club has made its debut! Foster Berlin (8th grade), Mrs. Zomalt (MS Counselor), and Ms. Simon (8th grade teacher) announce their Mindfulness Club, starting in 2019. Many students signed up for the club during the MS Opportunity Fair (Friday, August 30), claiming they often feel stressed during the day and need some time to relax. The Mindfulness Club will be a perfect opportunity to de-stress with yoga, meditation, coloring, and more!


Mrs. Zomalt, the school counselor, is one of the sponsors of the club. She has been doing yoga for 10 years and mindfulness for 5 years. “I think the first club meeting went fantastic! I’m so excited about the number of students who showed up, and how engaged they were,” Mrs. Zomalt shared. She recommends mindfulness for everyone. “Boys actually tend to shy away from [mindfulness], but there is so much benefit for all. Based on research… [mindfulness] will positively help academics… We all have a toolkit for life and if students can realize that this is one important tool they can use, I would be happy.”


Mr. Breithaupt is the dean of middle school students. He has been working at the school for many years and has seen all the clubs. “Mindfulness is cutting edge in education. Some classes begin with it every day,” he replied when asked why he approved the club. “If there’s a club that devoted to [mindfulness] that’s a good thing for our student body.”


Since he is the one who approves or disapproves all the clubs, he was asked how he chooses which club to use. “First of all, I make sure it’s a club that will be well received by the student body and has a good faculty sponsor. Promoted in the right way. I don’t have a lot of limitations, other than if it’s inappropriate for school.” He says that in the past there have been clubs with a wellness approach, or focusing on yoga or meditation, but not really a Mindfulness Club.


The next time you’re looking for a club to go to, check out Mindfulness in Room 228!