Moving on Up

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Moving on Up

Kate Matheson, Reporter and Writer

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Every year each student is introduced to a new grade which comes with change, including responsibility, freedom, homework, and tons more depending on what grade the student is going into. Everyone has been in school for over a month now, so now each class has gotten a slight idea of how the rest of their school year will go. 

For sixth-graders, the middle school is a whole new experience for them. Everyone one of them finds certain changes harder to adjust to than others. Lilya, a 6th grade girl, told me how the homework has become more  challenging, Gavin, a 6th grade boy, confesses how there are tons more responsibility in 6th grade such as keeping up with homework and confronting teachers by yourself, and Mitchell, another 6th grade boy, said it’s harder now that you have to come up with your own way of getting organized with you binder and agenda and because you have tons more freedom which he says isn’t always good.  

Mr. Brown, the 6th-grade boy’s grade chair confirms these stressors of the 6th grader when expressed to me that they agonize over small details like their schedule, opening their locker, what clubs and sports they can do, and other specifics like those. You can tell from this that depending on what grade you are going into there are different aspects that panic you because those are some tiny details that wouldn’t even cross and 8th graders mind.

Some 7th graders I spoke with said how they liked 6th grade better while others expressed how 7th grade is far better. Mason Theis, a 7th-grade boy, says that he misses the sense of everyone being new to the middle school and starting over with all new buildings, classes, teachers, and classmates. Julia Gibney, a 7th-grade girl, had some other feelings about this year. She explained to me that she loves how there is more freedom and that since you aren’t new to the school anymore you know what you are doing in general. 

This year the 8th graders have noticed that you are expected to be much more independent. However, students take all sorts of ways. Foster Berlin, an 8th-grade girl, talks about how she likes how self-reliant you have to be, but when I asked Lane Healy, an 8th-grade boy, what he doesn’t like the most about 8th grade so far he exclaimed that he doesn’t like how independent they are expected to be. 

The 8th-grade girl’s grade chair, Mrs. Reina, echoed off of this idea when she talked about how a big stressor for the incoming 8th graders is the science fair. Things such as finding a partner, coming up with an idea, and having to do a bunch of work within a strict deadline. All of these aspects of the science fair show how independent and responsible you have to be.

As you can see, depending on what grade you are going into different things are a big change. The 8th graders are expected to be more self-reliant, the 7th graders express how they love not having the sense of being the youngest, and the 6th graders are having trouble adjusting to the amount of work they are being given compared to the lower school. Maybe you can relate to what some of these students and grade chairs said or maybe you have had or are having a different experience than them. Either way, middle school can be challenging and difficult in different ways for everybody.