Winter Exams

Dorsey F. and Lane H.


This winter, Westminster students will be taking their 1st-semester final exams. These exams cover 20 percent of the grade in a class, so they are a big deal.

 Before exams even start, Westminster has an exam review week. This week is supposed to be a week dedicated to reviewing for students and no new learning material. Students and teachers will be able to use this time to refresh some of the material from the beginning of the semester and it is a great opportunity to review and prepare for the upcoming exams. We wanted to know the difference between 6th graders and 8th graders regarding how the study, prepare and feel about exams

We got to talk with 6th grader Harris F., “ I‘m pretty nervous going into my first exams. I‘ll be studying a lot. I think that my science exam will be the hardest, and my English exam will probably be the easiest. I already am a little stressed just because I have to start studying and it’s hard to manage all of that study time. I ‘m so glad we have a review week. Having that week just dedicated to reviewing is great.”

On the other side of the spectrum, 8th grader Robert C. said he doesn’t get stressed anymore. “I don’t get stressed now just because I‘ve gone through 2 years of exams and I know what to do in terms of preparing, but as a 6th grader going into my first exams ever, yes I did get some stress.” Robert is going to prepare by studying very hard. His advice to 6th and 7th graders is to manage their study time and to take small breaks when they’re studying.

 Exam week is a very nerve-racking week for many students, but how do different students feel about them. While 6th graders are coming into their first-ever exams, 8th graders are on their last ones as they go into high school. In conclusion, 8th graders tend to worry less about exams while 6th graders get more nervous.