The Transition to High School

Layla Ali Khan

The eighth-grade class will soon be moving to high school. The transition from middle school to high school is a very big jump. Here is an inside view on how the eighth grade is feeling about the change into highschool.


77.1% of the students in the eighth grade said they would rate they ok to extremely excited to go to high school whereas 22.8% would say they are dreading to not excited about highschool. 


The main reason people are looking forward to highschool is because of freedom. Leah an eighth-grade girl said, “I would like to go to high school because I think that it will be fun and that we will have more freedom.” Freedom was a very common answer with all the students when it came to what they are most excited about. This is because the high school students at Westminster have free periods and can choose to do whatever they want with that time. 


Although freedom is more prominent when it comes to high school, a lot of students are not looking forward to the workload. Eighth-grader, Helen Hong said, “I am not excited because there is a huge burden from homework and everything kind of gets thrown at you. Additionally, we have to grow up and become more responsible.” Most students have agreed with this statement saying that all the grades matter to get into college. In high school, you have the stresses of AP classes, SATs and many more worries.


This also relates to the biggest thing eighth-graders will miss about Middle School. Many mentioned the fact that high school is where you have to be more responsible and adult-like whereas middle school students can be more carefree. 


A lot of students also mentioned they are going to miss are the teachers that they have made strong connections with throughout the past three years of the middle school experience. Although you will miss the middle school teachers it will be good to start making connections with your new high school teachers.


To make your transition to high school easier Mrs. Reina, the eighth-grade girls’ chair, recommended a few simple ways to ease your way into high school life. “I recommend that you have a system in place in terms of organization. Also, it is important that you grow comfortable with approaching your teacher when you are confused about content.” 


One of the most prominent differences between highschool and middle school was maturity and growth in self. In high school, teachers strongly advise that you, and not your parents should take the lead in taking ownership of your learning. 


High school will be a very different experience for eighth-graders, but as the last year of middle continues we will become more confident and prepared for the high school years coming up ahead.