UEFA Champions League: Soccer’s greatest stage

Andrew D., Staff Writer

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Every year the UEFA Champions League brings the greatest players from across the world and pits them against each other.

The tournament, founded in 1955, lasts a whole year, going from 80 teams trying to qualify to a 32-team group stage. Now, it is down to the semi-finals with four teams remaining.

The four teams remaining are Real Madrid playing Atletico Madrid, and AS Monaco playing against Juventus.  Many middle school soccer players and coaches watch the tournament and enjoy the competition between the best in the world.

Real Madrid is a widely-known and powerful team known for its attacking, whereas Juventus another giant club is know for its defensive prowess. Atletico Madrid and AS Monaco are playing the role of the underdogs in this year’s semi-final.

Weyimi A., an eighth grade soccer player, believes that Real Madrid has the greatest chance of winning it all this season, because of their style of play and their directness towards the goal.

However, he believes that Kylian Mbappe of AS Monaco will make the biggest impact on his team. Mbappe is a story in his own as he is 18 years old and is taking the soccer world by storm.

Zeke Hoyos, Head Coach of the Middle School A team, says he “unfortunately” agrees that Real Madrid will win because of the pure buying power to get the greatest players in the world. He reasons that Ronaldo will make the biggest impact on his team despite the hatred he receives because of his work ethic.

Aidan H., an eighth grade soccer player, agrees that Ronaldo will make the biggest impact on his team due to his experience and his ability to step up in crunch time. He also wishes that his team, the Arsenal Gunners, would be playing in the Champions League right now.

AS Monaco’s advancing to the semifinals has been a surprise for both Aidan and Weyimi, whereas Mr. Hoyos believes that Atletico Madrid has been more of a surprise due to their consistency.

The clear favorite in the middle school to win is Real Madrid, despite the injury to one of its best players Gareth Bale. Students and teachers seem confident in Ronaldo’s ability to lead them to victory.

All eyes will be on AS Monaco and Mbappe as students and teachers look to see what result the 18-year-old and his team can produce against a great and experienced defensive team in Juventus.

Everyone can agree that this is the one of greatest spectacles that soccer fans can hope for and a chance to see the best of the best compete to hoist a trophy.


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