March Madness: Who Will Cut the Net?

Tyler H., Staff Writer

From the end of March to the beginning of April, 64 teams compete to become the champion of college basketball in a tournament called March Madness. So far, 60 teams have been eliminated, and only the final 4 remain.

The teams that remain are 2-seed Michigan State, 3-seed Texas Tech, 1-seed Virginia, and 5-seed Auburn. All had to battle hard to earn their tickets to the final four, including a bucket at the buzzer to send a game into OT, and the defeat of three of the four highest ranked teams.

In the first round of the tournament, there were 12 total upsets. Three 12-seeds triumphed over the 5-seeds, all of the 9-seeds seeds achieved victory versus the 8-seeds seeds, two 10-seeds beat the 7-seeds, and even the 13-seed, UC Irvine, won its game against the 4-seed, Kansas State.

Many students in the middle school enjoy watching this nationally-loved tournament, and a majority engage in the tournament by creating a March Madness bracket where they pick the team they think will win.

Some middle schoolers even create groups to compete with each other’s brackets. A sixth grade boy, Lachlan O., said, “I made a bracket for the sixth grade boys tournament, and it is very fun to make them.”

Alex W., an eighth grader, said, “Doing competitions with friends makes the experience of the tournament more exciting.”

Many students agree that filling out and following brackets makes watching the tournament more fun and enjoyable. “You look forward to seeing which games you picked to win, and it is fun to see how your bracket will turn out,” said sixth grade boy Avery W.

Even though they were knocked out by 2-seed Michigan State, the Duke Blue Devils seemed to be the favorite team in the eyes of the students. “My favorite team is Duke because my mom went there, and I have always cheered for their basketball team,” said seventh grader Dorothy V.

Many others agreed with Dorothy. Sixth grade girl Hallie H. said, “I am cheering for Duke because I have heard that they had a great season, and I like watching their players.”

“Duke is my favorite team because they have a lot of good players,” agreed Rogelio Z., an eighth grade boy.

During 2018-2019 season, there has been a player that has never ceased to amaze the viewers of college basketball, and his name is Zion Williamson, Duke forward. This season, he averaged 22.6 points per game, 8.9 rebounds per game, and 2.1 assists per game and has stunned crowds with his dunks and blocks.

Duke fan Alex W. said, “I like Zion because he is one of the best college players I have seen in a while, and I think he is a beast.”

Overall, the NCAA March Madness tournament brings joy, excitement, and sometimes disappointment to those who watch, including numerous members of the Westminster community. And, even more so than previous years, this year’s tournament is proof that, in March, when the tip goes up, anything can happen.

Photo by Tyler H. This is a photo of one of the students at Westminster creating a March Madness bracket.