Bitsy Grant Tennis and the Westminster Tennis Team

While summer comes to an end and people return home from vacation, they start up sports that were paused over the summer. One of these sports is tennis, and a very popular tennis facility for Westminster students is Bitsy Grant Tennis Center. Many students who play at bitsy are also on the tennis teams at Westminster in the spring. But is the work too much, and most importantly, is it beneficial to the players to play at both locations?

Jack B is a player at Bitsy and is in the excellence skill group there. He also played in the number 1 spot on the tennis team roster. When asked about both groups, he said,” being with both groups in beneficial because they both practice three times a week, and you get insight and experience from the coaches.” He said some conflicting issues are that he has to race home after Westminster tennis to get to Bitsy drills on time.

Alexandra K plays in the High School group at Bitsy Grant. She also played on the MS girls team at Westminster in the spring of 2019. She said that she thinks that Bitsy tennis helps prepare for the Westminster tennis team. When asked about benefits, she said: “ I think it is really beneficial for Westminster player to play at Bitsy.”

Coach Myers coaches the Middle School Girls’ tennis team. He looked up Bitsy Grant, and on the page, he saw many of his players in a picture. When asked if he thought it had a positive impact on the players, he responded:” Absolutely, it looks like a great place to train, and the more people who can help them in techniques and to train, the better.” He encourages the use of other facilities to train other than on campus.

Most people reach the thought that Bitsy Grant Tennis Center is really beneficial to Westminster students in terms of training and getting better. Most people get private lessons to drill out one fault that cannot be picked up in big group training. Many have to split their time or race home from Westminster to go to Bitsy. Westminster has a long history of excellence in High School tennis with 39 state championships. And many of the players on the teams have played at Bitsy at all levels.