Girls Green Basketball Team Falls to Marist in Tournament


Leah B-H

On Friday, January 31, the girl’s green basketball team lost 19-25 to Marist in the Wesleyan League Tournament, ending their season.  The team was coming off a win against Weslayan in the first round of the tournament before the loss to number three seed Marist. 

Heading into the tournament, the Cats were excited to be the number 6 seed.  They beat number 11 seed Wesleyan in the first round, 33-17, and were ready to play Marist.  They lost to Marist twice in the regular season, both times by five points.  

“I think if we fight hard against Marist then I think that we can win, but if not then that might be where it ends,” says Emmie H.  

The Cats were 7-8 in the regular season, winning against multiple tough teams.  “I think it’s going really well,” Emmie said when asked how the season is going.  “Everyone has gotten a lot better and we are all playing really well”.  

The Cats started off the season with a close game against Holy Innocents’, losing by only two points 33-35.  “I think we had a tough start to the season with our schedule, but then we’ve shown some resilience and worked hard and we’ve grown a lot this year,” says Coach White, the coach of the green team.  

After losing three straight games, the Cats pulled through and defeated Gainsville Middle School 40-6.  The Cats then beat Lovett twice, once at home and once away. “The home game against Lovett right before Thanksgiving break was probably our best game.  Everyone was playing hard, sharing the ball, playing fast, and really it was a lot of fun” remarked Coach White.

The Cats also beat Pace twice during the season, the first time by only two points, 27-25 and the second time by twelve, 38-26.  When asked about the best game, Emmie replies, “I think our best win was probably Pace. We’ve beaten Pace multiple times and last year we didn’t beat them”. 

Right before the tournament, the Cats lost to St. Pius X in two disappointing close games.  The Cats lost the first game by only one point and the second game by three. “We just didn’t play up to our ability and they stole two games from us,” says Coach White. 

But wins and losses aren’t the most important thing in the season. “I think that we have good team chemistry and good teamwork,”  says Kate H. The exemplary teamwork has helped the Cats through the season and will continue to help them as they transition into high school. The Cats had a successful season overall and will be back next year!