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A Middle School Look at Turner Field vs. SunTrust Park

Helen M., Staff Writer

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Photo taken by Sarina D. of SunTrust Park

Ever since the new stadium for the local baseball team the Atlanta Braves was built, many compare the new SunTrust Park to the old Turner Field.

Sarina D., an eighth grader, has been to both the old and the new stadium. “I like how they have a certain area for bungee jumping and games for kids. It’s also a lot cleaner,” she said, referring to SunTrust Park.

Although the new stadium has many entertainment and dining options, Sarina said that she actually enjoyed going to Turner Field more for games. “I like Turner Field better because it’s in downtown Atlanta, so it’s a more fun environment especially before and after the games.”

The new ballpark is known for the amazing dining and restaurants it has to offer and the entertainment for kids. Sixth grade boys grade chair and art teacher Walter DuPriest is a frequent visitor to SunTrust Park, but also attended many games at “The Ted” with his dad, a retired Westminster English teacher.

“The food options are incredible, and the Battery area around the baseball park for someone who lives near there, it’s amazing that we have all of that so close now. My kids love the little kids zone,” he said.

“I think they are both fantastic,” Mr. DuPriest said about the two stadiums. “I will say that the new ballpark is four miles from my house. We live in Smyrna. My dad got season tickets, and he lives real close to us so I have probably been to more or as many Braves games this season as maybe the last two or three seasons combined.”

SunTrust Park holds approximately 41,000 people while Turner Field held 49,586. Also, Turner Field began as the Centennial Olympic Stadium for the 1996 Summer Olympics, and then it was converted into a baseball stadium in about seven months. SunTrust Park was built from scratch and took about 37 months to complete.

“It feels different; it’s pretty palpable the difference when you are in a baseball field that was meant for baseball. Just architecturally speaking, it feels a little more baseball-specific to me,” Mr. DuPriest said, referring to SunTrust Park.

Sixth grader Emma Grace R. has been to both the old and new stadium as well, and seems to prefer SunTrust Park. “Well, it’s a lot cleaner because Turner was really dirty.”

Many students have stated that because SunTrust Park is new, it is definitely very clean compared to Turner Field which is now 20 years old.

Since Turner Field and SunTrust Park are both in completely different locations, some students find that the old stadium was closer to where they lived, where some students found that the new stadium was much more convenient. “We live about five minutes away from Turner Field, so it was quick and easy access,” said sixth grade girl Jaia A.

From the commute to the new stadium, to the entertainment and dining, many features distinguish SunTrust Park from Turner Field. Some students enjoy going to the new stadium because it is very clean, while others enjoy the old stadium because of the history and the “feeling” of going downtown. “They are both great and super fun to go to,” said Caroline D.



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  1. Sarina D. on September 8th, 2017 1:14 pm

    This was a great piece! Nice work Helen.

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A Middle School Look at Turner Field vs. SunTrust Park