Early College Football Forecast


Photo by Hunter W. Some students can even show support with the shoes they wear.

Hunter W., Staff Writer

With the first three weeks of the 2017 College Football Season underway, many middle school students can’t wait for what is to come later on.

A plethora of fans represent many colleges across Clarkson Hall. Some include Georgia, Ohio State, Alabama, Oklahoma and Clemson.

Most people like the schools that their parents went to or the schools that are local, but some like schools because of the players that go there.

Sixth grade boy Armstrong J. said, “My favorite college football team is Louisville because their quarterback, Lamar Jackson, is a beast!”

The stellar athletes on college football teams are the key part to winning, so by the end of the season, the most outstanding player in the nation is awarded the Heisman Trophy Award. This award is also known as the most valued individual award in college football.

Of the students surveyed, the majority said that Lamar Jackson of Louisville has the best chance to win the Heisman, but Frankie S., a seventh grade girl disagrees. She said, “Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma will probably win it because he had a great win against Ohio State and is one of the greatest quarterbacks in college right now.”

Eighth grade girl Henley T. disagrees with both; she believes that UGA’s Nick Chubb will win the Award and stated, “He has been in it every year he has been in college so far, so he deserves it.”

The College Football Playoff at the end of the season gives the best four teams in the nation a shot at winning a National Championship. This is every college football program’s goal, and teams will do anything to get there.

An overwhelming 80 percent of the students surveyed believe the final four will be made up of Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Ohio State. Seventh grade boy Johnny F. said, “They are all just so much better than everyone else in the country.”

With these teams supposedly head and shoulders above everyone else, the unanswered question remains: Who will win it all?

The results are in and the middle school population chose the University of Alabama as its 2017 College Football Champion favorite.

Graph by Hunter W. Students opinions on the champion are shown in this pie graph.

While a staggering majority of students put their trust in Alabama to get final victory of the season, others believe it will turn out differently.

Cavan T., an eighth grade boy, thinks a dark horse in the unranked Notre Dame has a good chance to win. He said, “Notre Dame will win the championship because we have a stud running back, our wide receiver core is phenomenal, and we are much better than we are rated.”

With that being said, the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook gives the Alabama Crimson Tide the best odds at 9-5.

Even though middle schoolers have their own ideas of what will occur this college football season, anything can happen. Underdogs have done crazy things before and can definitely do it again. But one thing is for certain; this season promises to be a very exciting one.