New NBA Season Tips Off With Craziness


Photo Courtesy of Jan Allen

Colin G., Staff Writer


The NBA season is always jam-packed with shockers, upsets, and injuries. But within the first few weeks of the 2017-18 season, all three of these have happened.

Also, the Atlanta Hawks have come out of the gates with one win and seven losses, and it is debatable whether or not they will do well this season.

And lastly, who will win some of the most important awards this year? Will Giannis Antetokounmpo have a breakout season and be the MVP, or will Lebron James, the favorite, do just that?

Holden S., an eighth grade boy, questioned the Hawks trades during this offseason. He said, “It’s silly that they gave up Paul Millsap, their best player, for pretty much nothing. But now, they’re in a rebuilding stage, so it will probably be really slow for a few years.”

Hayes C., a sixth grade boy who is a Hawks fan, said, “I think they’re terrible, and it’s really sad that we lost Paul Millsap, our centerpiece, for nothing.” As far as the hopes of the Hawks, he said, “I definitely think they’re going to stay at the bottom of the conference. However, we’ll probably get the first draft pick, so that’s good, I guess.”

During the first game of the season against the Cleveland Cavaliers, Gordon Hayward, Boston’s new star player who was recently traded, suffered a horrendous ankle injury and will not return this season.

Regarding the Boston Celtics, Holden said, “I think that since they lost Gordon Hayward, they’re not going to be quite as good, but since they have Kyrie, Al Horford, and rising stars Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum, I think they’ll be middle of the pack because the Eastern conference is so weak.”

Hayes said, “I think that even with Gordon Hayward, they wouldn’t be able to get past Lebron and the Cavaliers, but I think they’ll still get to the Eastern Conference Finals, but get swept.”

During the offseason, many stars from both conferences took their talents to the Western Conference and formed superteams like the Warriors, Rockets, and Thunder, to name a few. So who will emerge out on top? The Warriors, or an underdog team?

Oklahoma City signed two new star players to shake up its starting lineup during this offseason. Lucas R., an eighth grade boy, said, “I think that the OKC Thunder have three really good players, but since they’re all ball dominant players and need touches to perform their best, they’ll have trouble moving the ball, but they’re probably still going to be top three in the West.”

For the MVP race, Holden thought that Giannis Antetokounmpo, Russell Westbrook, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and James Harden all had a chance, but that since Westbrook has more players to rely on, he won’t be quite as much of a contender. He thought that since Antetokounmpo is having such a great season so far, he has the biggest chance to win it.

Hayes had a different opinion. He said, “I think Kawhi Leonard will win because he has to carry the Spurs throughout the season, and he’s a really good defender and scorer, so I think he’ll win.”

Lucas said, “I think Lebron has deserved it throughout his career, and Westbrook is having a better season efficiency-wise, but I think that it’ll go to a new player, and if Giannis keeps his foot on the gas, he’ll definitely win it.”

For the rookie of the year award, Lucas had a tough time deciding, but thought that since Dennis Smith Jr. is on a weak Mavericks team, he will probably get more touches, which will probably lead to the award.

Who will win the awards this year? Who will emerge on top of the Eastern and Western Conferences? Will the Hawks turn around their season? What will be the next shocking injury or upset to come next?