AFC v. NFC: Battle of the Best

Daniel W., Staff Writer

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Although, the Atlanta Falcons didn’t make it to the Super Bowl, the middle school watched the Pro Bowl to observe the best Falcons players in action one more time this season including Julio Jones, Alex Mack, Deion Jones, and Keanu Neal.

At 3:00 pm on Sunday, January 28, the best in the NFL came to play a game with the NFC facing AFC in the NFL Pro Bowl.

Fans voted for the players chosen to be in the game. This year’s event was hosted at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida.

The time changed from its normal primetime spot to the afternoon for the first time since 2008. It was televised on ESPN and ABC. According to a poll with results by the middle school students only 20 percent like the new time slot.

Although this was an All-star game, the aggressiveness was very low because no one wants to get injured right before the off-season.

Since the Eagles and the Patriots made the Super Bowl, any player who got selected from either team were replaced with alternates. They don’t participate because those players need more practice, and don’t want any chance of getting hurt before the big game.

Around 65 percent of the middle school watched the Pro Bowl, but only 35 percent of the students thought the AFC will win.

Neil P., an eighth-grade boy said, “I think the AFC will win because I just feel like overall the AFC has a better team because some of the NFC players got robbed from the Pro Bowl.”

Sixth grade boy Williams P. doesn’t think the aggressiveness is too low, but eighth grade boy Nik V. does and likes high powered football.

Also, Nik V. said, “I like when the NFL Legends pick better than when it’s NFC against AFC.” The middle school was 75 to 25 in favor of the NFL Legends draft type.

Some middle school students thought Devonta Freeman, Blake Bortles, and Demaryius Thomas got robbed because they weren’t chosen for the roster.

The AFC ended up victorious after a last-minute touchdown pass from Raiders Derek Carr to the Titans Delanie Walker. Von Miller, the Broncos outside linebacker, then got a fumble recovery and the AFC remained on top and won the game after overcoming a 17-point deficit at halftime.

Miller was named the Defensive MVP, and Walker was named the Offensive MVP.

Photo taken by Jacob W.
Daniel W. wears a Carson Wentz jersey. Wentz was selected, but injured and got replaced by an alternate.

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