Nick Foles Flies the Eagles over the Pats

Neil P., Staff Writer

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On Sunday, February 4, the Philadelphia Eagles did the unthinkable by sending the New England Patriots home with a Super Bowl loss.The game was played in U.S. Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which just opened in 2017. 

The Eagles came out on top winning the Super Bowl 41-33. Philadelphia had jumped out to an early lead, but the Patriots rallied back to take the lead before Eagle’s quarterback Nick Foles threw his third touchdown pass to regain the lead and ultimately win the big game.

This game was a rematch from 2004, when the Patriots won their third Super Bowl on a game-winning field goal by Adam Vinatieri, arguably one of the best kickers in NFL history.

Because of his stunning performance, Foles was crowned Super Bowl MVP with his 373 passing yards, three passing touchdowns, and even one receiving touchdown.

Based on a survey sent out to the middle school, 55.6 percent of students believed that the Patriots would win, while 44.4 percent of students believed that the Eagles were going to win.

Furthermore, the survey broke the game into categories. The Patriots were favored to have a better passing offense, but the Eagles were favored to have a better rushing offense, passing defense, and rushing defense.

However, according to the survey, students believed the Patriots had better special teams and also had better coaching.

According to ESPN analysts, they thought that NFL standouts will be the Patriot’s wide receiver Danny Amendola and the Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins.

However, eighth grader Jack R., seventh grader Myles K., and sixth grader Cole D. all believed that the biggest game changer of all was going to be Patriots quarterback Tom Brady because they see him as one of the greatest players ever.

Also, out of six ESPN writers, five thought that the Patriots would win the Super Bowl. Similarly, Jack said, “I thought the Patriots were going to win because of experience.”

Not everyone agreed. According to Cole, “I thought the Eagles were going to win because they have been the underdogs the entire playoffs.” 

Photo courtesy of Daniel W. Daniel showed his support for the Eagles by wearing this Carson Wentz jersey during the game.

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