CFB Predictions for 2018-19: Who’s Next?

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Photo by Sgt. Ian Valley
Trevor Lawrence throwing past defenders in the Army All-American bowl

This past college football season brought a roller coaster of emotions to many teams; however, recruiting is once again giving fans hope for a trip to Santa Clara, California in 2019 for the title game.

In the 2017-18 college football season, fans saw Auburn beat both National Championship teams (Alabama and Georgia) and still not make it to the playoff. UCF claimed to be the “real” National champions because of their 13-0 season. UGA came back from a 17-point deficit to win the first OT at the Rose Bowl in history, and a freshman back-up QB was pulled off the bench for the second half to lead ‘Bama to a win in the first-ever all-SEC College Football Playoff National Championship. 

It’s the time of the year when college football fans start looking for hotels, flights, and tickets to rivalry games that could shape their entire season.

Alabama, a national championship powerhouse, is working on putting together a strong recruiting class. However, it’s not as strong as some of theirs in the past decade; they only have one 5-star commit and 14 4-stars.

Kamden C., an eighth grade student whose mom attended Alabama, said, “I expect nothing less than another National Championship from Bama especially seeing Tua’s capability in the National Championship vs Georgia.”

So, far Georgia, the young team that fell short in the National Championship, has put together what many consider to be the strongest recruiting class, picking up the second best QB in the nation and a grand total of six 5-stars.

Jack G., a UGA fan in the eighth grade, said, “I was reading an article that said UGA’s 2018 recruiting class was the sixth best ever. I really hope it amounts to something big, with Jake Fromm being such a strong leader on and off the field and Kirby with two years under his belt, we should start becoming a real worry for other teams and maybe get to Santa Clara to avenge the Natty.”

Oklahoma, who lost to Georgia in the first Rose Bowl OT ever, picked up two 4-stars and a 5-star after the heartbreak game where Baker Mayfield bid fare well to College Football.  Hunter W. is a huge Boomer Sooners fan and believes in his team for next year. He said, “Oklahoma will win the ship and get revenge against Georgia in the College Football Playoff. Watch out Bulldogs.”

Georgia Tech, a more underrated team, will be attempting to bounce off a 5-6 non-bowl game season.  They’ve picked up two 4-stars and a handful of 3-stars.

Rajan K, an eighth grader and Georgia Tech fan, said, “Our recruiting this year has been horrible, but it’s because our academic standards are so high.” Even with that being said, Rajan still believes Georgia Tech will win the National championship.

Photo by Thomson200
College Football Playoff National Championship Trophy

The Clemson Tigers once again have put together an outstanding recruiting class, coming in at seventh in

the nation.  They stole the number one recruit Trevor Lawrence from UGA, who is a quarterback from Cartersville, GA and will be a big factor in their 2018 season.

The College Football season just ended and already fans are getting bombarded with articles from teams on the next football season. As everyone learned last year, College Football is so unpredictable and that’s why it’s so exciting.

At the end of the year there’s only one national champion (sorry, UCF fans) and all fans can do is believe that next year will be their year. So here’s the real question: WHO’S IN?

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