Super Bowl LII: MS Watched the Eagles Fly

Daniel W., Staff Writer

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On February 4 at 6:30 p.m. MS students and teachers tuned in to watch Super Bowl LII, a rematch from 2004 when Eagles lost a hard-fought game 24 to 21.

Eagles quarterback Nick Foles at the end of the 2016 to 2017 season seriously considered quitting football after being the backup for Alex Smith for the Kansas City Chiefs. Now he’s Super Bowl MVP for the Eagles after an intense 41-33 win over the New England Patriots.

Around 94 percent of students watched the 2018 Super Bowl, and the same amount loved watching the first World Championship in the Eagles’ history.

The Super Bowl is a social event for many. People gather to watch football’s most prized event while having fun with their friends.

Although Tom Brady had 505 passing yards, the most in Super Bowl history breaking only his own 467 yards from Super Bowl LI against the Atlanta Falcons, he was not the MVP or the middle school’s favorite player to watch. Foles got over 50 percent of the votes from the students.

Commercials are a big part of why people watched the Super Bowl. According to the survey, students liked four different commercials the most, including Amazon Alexa, Doritos/Mountain Dew, Bud Light, and Tide.

Other than the football, another big part of the Super Bowl hype is the halftime show. A little over 70 percent of the middle school watched Justin Timberlake perform. The middle school liked the songs “Mirrors” and “Can’t Stop the Feeling” the most.

Eighth grade boy Alex B. said, “I liked the outcome of the game because the Patriots win everything.” Also, he said, “My favorite player to watch was Nick Foles because he caught the first touchdown in Super Bowl history for a quarterback.”

On the other hand, Reyn O., an eighth grade boy, liked watching Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski the most and hated watching the halftime show. Eighth grade girl Helen R. said that she loved watching the whole halftime show.

Charlote B., a sixth grade girl, said that she also enjoyed the whole halftime show and loved watching the Patriots lose.

Helen and Charlotte are in the majority of students because over 50% enjoyed the halftime show.

Sixth grade boy Akul R. hosted a Super Bowl party, and he said, “I like the weird M&M commercial and Bud Knight.” About 25 percent of the students also thought that the Bud Knight commercial was their favorite. Akul also thought that Brady at 40 years of age will end up retiring within the next few seasons.

Many are wondering where Foles will end up after the Super Bowl LII victory. Some students say Denver, some say Buffalo and some think he will be starting over Carson Wentz at the Eagles.

Free Agency starts on March 14, and many will be following all the new transactions between organizations.

Photo by Daniel W.
Reyn O. throws a football right outside the Westminster Middle School Building.

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