MS Students Still Backing Braves Despite Mistake

Reilly O., Staff Writer

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In 2017, the Atlanta Braves broke multiple signing rules. As a result they were not permitted to keep 12 of their players, nine from last year and three from this year. Braves fans in the middle school are feeling bummed but still want the best for their team.

Sixth grade girl Emerson N. said, “I am disappointed, but hopefully we learned our lesson.”

The Braves tried to sign Latin American players to much bigger contracts than allowed by the MLB. They also attempted to sign 14-year-old Robert Pauson. Any team can not sign a prospect under the age of 16. Not only did the Braves break this rule, but they also offered more money than allowed under the signing regulations.

The Braves general manager John Coppolella is now banned from the MLB. To avoid further embarrassment, senior advisor Jon Hart resigned. Coppolella was replaced by Alex Anthopoulos. Hart just parted ways with the organization. 

Not only did the Braves lose both their general manager and president, they also are only allowed 10,000 dollars worth of signing money in 2019-2020. For those who don’t understand the weight of that, no decent player will sign with an organization only offering 10,000 dollars. Luckily the signing restriction will only last for one year.

To top it off, the Braves’ scout Gordon Blakely was the international scouting supervisor for the Atlanta Braves and was suspended for one whole year

Both seventh graders, Laith B. and Finn W. think the punishment was fair. Finn said, “I am disappointed, but I think we will bounce back.”

Laith said, “I think it was a little harsh, but we did break a lot of rules.”

Sixth grade girl Samantha G. also thinks the punishment wasn’t fair. She said, “I think they should’ve been able to keep their jobs.”

Although most think the Braves will bounce back, no one thinks they will make the playoffs this year. Owen O. said, “The Braves messed up big time, and I don’t think they’ll be in the playoffs for a couple of years.”

The Braves’ mistakes won’t badly affect their attendance. David M. from the eighth grade said, “I can’t wait to go back to SunTrust Park.”

Sixth grader Claire Q. plans to keep supporting the team as well. She said, “I love going to Braves’ games.”

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