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Super Bowl Hype Starting to Sweep the Middle School

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February marks Super Bowl LIII , one of the most watched events in the world. Many students in the middle school watch the Super Bowl every year and have very strong opinions on the NFL playoffs in general.

Students are very excited for the upcoming playoffs to see if their team can make it to the big game. Super Bowl LIII will be held in Atlanta this year at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Most students in the middle school cheer for the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons are not doing well this year currently having the record of 4-9. It seems that the Falcons will miss the playoffs this year and people are disappointed they won’t be the first team to play in a Super Bowl at their stadium.

Some of the teams that have clinched the playoffs after week 14 are the New Orleans Saints, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Los Angeles Rams, and the Chicago Bears. Also the Baltimore Ravens and Minnesota Vikings occupy the wild card spots in the playoffs.

Already every team in the NFL has at least one loss. This makes the 1972 dolphins the only team to ever go undefeated and win a Super Bowl in one season.

Many students had something to say about the Falcons disappointing season. Blake H., a seventh grade boy, said, “It is very sad that the Falcons had to miss the playoffs; I was planning on going to the Super Bowl in Atlanta this year.”

Marshall B., an eighth grade boy and sports enthusiast, stated, “The Falcons have a decent offense, definitely enough to win, but the run defense is the main issue.”

Another part of the Super Bowl that students never want to miss are the commercials. People say that they are the funniest commercials of any event in the world.

Even though the Falcons won’t make it to the big game, many students will definitely be tuning in for the event on February 3.  Hopefully the Falcons improve over the offseason and maybe they could be the next NFL dynasty.

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Super Bowl Hype Starting to Sweep the Middle School