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A-T-L: Middle School Students Rally for New Soccer Team

James H., Staff Writer

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With the popularity of soccer growing very quickly, many students are excited to show their support for Atlanta United, a team that was founded in 2014 and started playing in 2017.

Atlanta United home games are in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, a 1.6 billion dollar project, and for many going to the games in the new stadium is an experience that will not be forgotten.

Photo by James H.

On December 8, 2018, Atlanta United defeated the Portland Timbers to win the MLS soccer cup. Since this is an Atlanta team, on the Friday before the championship, Westminster got to have a spirit day to show support for the team.

Almost 80 percent of the middle school thinks that Westminster should have another Spirit Day. Also, 75 percent of middle schoolers love the new Mercedes-Benz stadium, especially the design.

Eighth-grade boy Lawrence M. said, “The architecture is insane of the Mercedes-Benz Stadium with the closing roof and the inverted ways of the exterior.”

Many people really like the prices of the drinks and the food as well–only $2 for a fountain drink with unlimited refills!

Eighth-grader Ty S. said, “I really like the lounges and cheap food and drinks. It makes the games so much more enjoyable.”

The middle schoolers think the team is great as well. Eighth-grader Preston H. said, “I really like the new team and the coach. Arthur Blank is doing a great job. It’s sad that the head coach is leaving now but he did a great job leading them Atlanta United to a championship.”

Some people may not even like soccer that much, but they still will watch a game.

Seventh-grade boy Timeyin A. said, “It’s a new team and its good for Atlanta to win. I’m not much of a soccer fan, but a championship is good for Atlanta’s reputation.”

Baker B., an eighth-grader, also said, “I always want the Falcons to win but any Atlanta team is good.”

Some people want to go to the games, but never can.

Eighth-grader John F. said, “It’s really disappointing because everyone says the soccer games are great but I have never found the time to go.”

One of the most fun things about the games is the fact that the fanbase is so huge. Their first game was two years ago, but the fanbase seems to be 10 years old or more.

Michael K., an eighth-grade boy, said, “There is a very strong fanbase, it just makes the game a lot more interesting.”

Since the stadium is new to everyone, people are saying that there is a feeling of energy that the stadium gives off.

Sixth-grader Julian W. said, “There is a new vibe to the stadium, and it’s really interesting.”

Overall, the new Atlanta United team in Mercedes-Benz Stadium really attracts visitors to Atlanta. If visitors aren’t football fans but still want to see the new stadium without paying too much, they can go see an Atlanta United game. They just need to know three letters: A-T-L.

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A-T-L: Middle School Students Rally for New Soccer Team