Braves 2019 Postseason Chances


Staff Sgt. Jaimi L. Upthegrove

Brooks Beach

The MLB playoffs have just started, and there has already been late-game drama between the Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers. The Nationals won the first game of the 2019 2019 Postseason. The Nationals are now set to play the Dodgers, while the Atlanta Braves are going to play the St. Louis Cardinals in one of the National League Division Series. 


This is now the 2nd year in a row the Braves have made it to the MLB playoffs, and won there division. The Braves are wrapping up the regular season, and are getting ready to face the St. Louis Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs. The Braves are going to be the second seed in the National League behind the Los Angeles Dodgers who have been in the World Series for the bast couple of years. 


Timeyin Agbeyegbe 8th grade said, “Doesn’t know that Braves are in the playoffs because I don’t follow the Braves, but I know that they are doing well this season. I know that this is their best year compared to the past years. 


Jason Levine 7th grade said, “I really like the Braves and they have been fun to follow. I went to the game when the Braves clinched the division. I was also sad that Acuna was so close to getting a 40/40 season, but he was just 3 steals short.” Jack Trotter 8th grade also said, “I know that they are very good, and the Ronald Acuna almost got 40/40.”


Last year the Braves Lost the National League championship series 4-1 against the Dodgers. The Dodgers won the three games, two in Los Angles, and one in Atlanta. Then the Braves won a game in Atlanta, and then the Dodgers won the final game to advance. This year the Braves are hoping to win their first series vs. the St. Louis Cardinals then beat the winner of the Dodgers, Nationals to advance to the World Series.


Mason Thies 7th grade said, “I know that the Braves are good, and I know that the clinched a spot in the playoffs. I just hope that they do good.” 


Stan Watkins 7th grade said, “I know that the Braves are in the NLDS against the Cardinals. I think that the Braves will win that series in 4 games then loos to the Dodgers in 6 games.” While Jack Trotter 8th grade said, “I also think that the Braves have a decent shot to win the World Series.”


Kyle Coleman 7th Grade said, “I know that the Braves clinched their division, but I think they will beat the Cardinals then loose to the Dodgers again.”


The Brave’s first game of the Playoffs is on October 3rd against the Cardinals. Their next game is October 4th. The first two games are in Atlanta, and then the next three games are in St. Louis. The series is best of 7 to advance to the National League Championship.