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Middle School Wrestling Preview

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Middle School Wrestling Preview

Photo by: Ray Black III on The News & Observer

Photo by: Ray Black III on The News & Observer

Photo by: Ray Black III on The News & Observer

Photo by: Ray Black III on The News & Observer

Dylan F., Writer

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1! 2! 3! Tweeeeeeeeettttt! Wrestlers all around the school are hoping to hear that often this year as the season is starting to heat up. Practices have started and matches are just around the corner.

The wrestlers are looking forward to season, some parts in particular though. One eighth grade boy Charlie Z. was asked about what part of the season he looked forward to most and he said, “I like exam week because we play dodge ball.”

Other wrestlers have different opinions. Lowell J., an eighth grade boy, said his favorite part of the season is the matches. He was not the only one who said that. Haden P., another eighth grade wrestler, also said that he liked the physical part of wrestling.

However, some people like wrestling because they get to be with their friends. Seventh grade boy Daniel N. said his favorite part of wrestling was the team aspect.

The wrestlers are in season from the end of October to the end of January. They all have some specific dates marked on their calendar when they get to wrestle against a rival. It is different for almost every wrestler, and they all have their reasoning behind why they like to wrestle that team.

Some of the wrestlers don’t just like to wrestle against the school, they enjoy watching others wrestle as well. Charlie Z. says he looks forward to the Wesleyan match. When asked about why, he said, “They have a bunch of little kids, and it is fun to watch.”

At the end of the season in January, the team goes to state. At state, both a team champion and an individual champion for A team and for B team are named. Some of the wrestlers are very confident in their ability and think they can take home the medal and win state this year, but others aren’t as confident.

A seventh grade wrestler Daniel N. is in his second year of wrestling and when he was asked about what he thought about his chances of winning state and he said, “No, I probably couldn’t win state.”

However, some members of the team have other thoughts. Charlie Z., an eighth grade wrestler, said, “I have the potential to win state, but just not the work ethic.”

The team this year has a ton of potential and hopefully the MatCats can bring home another championship to the Westminster Middle School Athletics.

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Middle School Wrestling Preview