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8th/9th Grade Baseball–Players in the Making

Ben M., Staff Writer

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Photos Courtesy of John Montag

Throughout the spring semester, the eighth and ninth grade baseball team has been working hard as they compete with teams throughout the Atlanta Metro Area. Despite the team’s losing record, the Wildcats are working hard, as they prepare to join the Varsity and Junior Varsity baseball teams later on in their Wildcat careers.

There have been many bright spots on the team thus far. Andrew M. and Lowell J. have struck fear in many of the opposing teams as they have pitched with strong command and determination.

Infielders Robert B., Chase M., Wyatt S., and Jayson L., as well as many others have put in hard work this season, as they have led the Cats on and off the field.

“I have been keeping up with the Cats just from daily conversation, but those names have continued to come up as valuable assets to the team and have been a large part in the team’s success,” said William B., a Wildcat supporter.

Outfielders Beck E. and Cope S. also enjoy playing for the Cats. Even though the team is struggling to find its first win, many players have kept a positive outlook.

“Being around my teammates makes things a lot more fun. The guys make it so that even if I can’t play, I can still have fun on and off the field,” said Nick O., a third baseman on the team.

The ninth graders have been working to be inspirational leaders as they advise the eighth graders on how they can improve and become better players. Pitcher Jack H. said, “Even though we might not win a game this year, I enjoy coming to practice to mentor these kids each day.”

Although the Cats have faced some hard teams, there have been many exciting games this season, and many students in the both the eighth and ninth grades have come out to support the team.

“Because they are eighth graders competing in a ninth grade league, it is much harder for them to win, because they are facing some very difficult opponents. Considering the situation, though, I think they have done very well,” said Connor L., an eighth grader who has been keeping up with the Cats.

The most exciting games for the team was their doubleheader against Lovett on April 1. The team lost 1-0 and 8-6; however, in the second game the Cats put together a large rally in the final inning in order to get back into the game after being down 8-0.

Another strong performance for the Cats was their close game against Pace on April 7. The Pace team was fueled by players in both ninth and tenth grades; however, the Cats kept it close, and in the end, lost 4-0.

With just one game remaining on April 13, the Cats are putting in hard work as they strive to gain experience out on the ballfield before they join future teams.

Infielder Vance E. said it best: “In the end, it’s about what we get out of the team, and the ability we have to take advantage of the playing time that is given to us. The guys make it fun, and they make it so that every day I come down to practice with a positive attitude and a will to play.”

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8th/9th Grade Baseball–Players in the Making