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Butker Moves From Wildcat to Yellow Jacket to Panther

Daniel V., Staff Writer

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Last weekend, Westminster’s very own Harrison Butker ‘13 was drafted by the Carolina Panthers as the 233rd overall pick during the seventh round of the NFL draft.

One article said Graham Gano, the Panthers current starting kicker, could be out of Carolina after a struggling season last year. This would make Butker the starting kicker.

Before the draft, Butker said, “I think the combine went really well. I was up against some guys that had really good college stats. I was able to show what I can do next to them. It was an awesome opportunity to be around, not only the kickers, but everybody.”

Going into the draft he was very excited about playing in the NFL and thought he had a good chance to get signed with a team. He was very grateful for the opportunity and said, “I’m really excited. Hopefully, I’ll either get drafted, or I’ll find a great team for free agency.”

The week prior to the draft, Butker came back to his school and spoke to the eighth grade boys. Weyimi A., an eighth grade boy, said,”I loved how he talked about how it’s okay to fail, but you always have to bounce back, and bounce back better than you were before.”

Four days later, he came back to sign shirts, phone cases, computers, and papers.

Ryan G, an eighth grade boy, said, “He signed my phone case and was very kind and took his time and made his autograph very neat.”

In his senior season at Georgia Tech he had an 88% field goal rate, which ranked 13th of all college kickers in 2017. Butker said, “I think my senior season at Georgia Tech, I just focused one kick at a time. So going into the NFL, I’ll just focus on one kick at a time or one game at a time.”

If he hadn’t gone to Georgia Tech to kick, he said he would have liked to play Division 3 basketball because he enjoyed basketball at Westminster so much.

Many Wildcat fans are looking forward to following Harrison Butker on the Carolina Panthers starting in the fall. Go Cats!

Photo by Daniel V.


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Butker Moves From Wildcat to Yellow Jacket to Panther