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Upper School Sports…So Many Options!

Amy Z., Staff Writer

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Softball in the fall? Swimming in the winter? Lacrosse in the spring? With so many options, the rising ninth graders will have plenty to think about as they begin to make their plans for next year.

There are many teams to choose from in the upper school for rising ninth graders. There are 54 teams in the upper school out of a total of 84 teams in the entire school. Many eighth graders are very nervous and excited for joining their first upper school sports team.

Many rising ninth grade students are more excited than nervous. Teja G. said, “I’m pretty excited for joining next year’s sports teams because I played on the tennis team for the last two years. I’m excited to play for the high school team because it probably has players that are more experienced with better players than me and that’s like a whole new level of what I play right now.”

Some eighth graders say that they are going to practice a lot before being a part of the team, making sure they are fit and ready. Emory H. said, “I am going to prepare for the soccer season because I play it year round but not for cross country.”

Lacrosse player Eleanor C. said, “Yes. I am going to try and play with a fall league before trying out for the team.”

Some students think that managing their time will be difficult because of how late the practices start and others think that balancing their homework and sports will not be difficult. Eleanor said, “I do think managing my time will be difficult because lacrosse practice for both varsity and junior varsity start at about 5 p.m., and it would be hard to get my homework done.”

Students that are trying out for a sport next year are looking forward to joining the junior varsity if they can’t make the varsity team. Some are specifically joining the junior varsity team because of friends. Emory H. said, “I want to be on JV because that is what all of my friends will make.”

Sports in the high school are cut and non-cut. Students are interested in joining different kinds of sports like tennis, lacrosse, cross country, and soccer. Samantha F. said, “I am interested in doing cross country in the fall, which is non-cut. And lacrosse in the spring, which is cut.”

Overall, many rising ninth graders can’t wait to try out for high school sports teams and play with many new and experienced players. Eleanor said, “I am actually very excited to join the sports teams in high school because I feel like it a good experience to know upper school students.”

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Upper School Sports…So Many Options!