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Pigskin Picnic 2017: Wildcat Fun

Kathleen H., Staff Writer

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Photo by Kathleen H. McCauley B. and Kendall O. jump for joy at the Pigskin Picnic.

Since the Pigskin Picnic on September 15, a yearly celebration at Westminster, the Middle School has been much more lively.

“I was very excited to go this year. I have gone with my friends every year since pre-first, so it’s very much a tradition now,” said Ashley V., an eighth grade girl.

This year, some students were more excited than others, but not everyone loves the picnic.

Kensington Z., an eighth grade girl, said, “I don’t really like football, so I get really bored, but my friends made me go.”

Although the games can be exciting, most people tend to spend their time hanging out with their friends on the hill.  According to seventh grader Maddie M., “No one really watches the game, so we just stand around on the hill and talk.”

Even though it’s only September and a little over one month into school, the Pigskin Picnic is long awaited by everyone.  That includes teachers and alumni too.

Tyree Simon, a Westminster alum, current English teacher and Westminster parent, said, “I love going to the Pigskin Picnic. I love seeing all of my friends that have children here now, and it’s just really a celebratory time with all of the cheerleaders and food and festivities going on.”

New students are always eager to get in on this annual ritual. Matias A., a new eighth grade boy, said, “I don’t really know much about it, but it sounds fun!”

The coming together of such a wide variety of people make the Pigskin Picnic as popular as it is.

Heather Karvis, Dean of Students, said, “I like the communal space where I feel like people from the society get together and it’s a comfortable space to be in. I love seeing kids pre-first through seniors play and get dressed up.”

The Pigskin Picnic is one of Westminster’s most well-liked events. Students, teachers, and alumni enjoy being able to see friends and family with such excitement for their varsity football team. Already, the Cats cannot wait for next year’s Pigskin Picnic.

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Pigskin Picnic 2017: Wildcat Fun