MatCats Wrestle Their Way into a New Season


Photo by Mason S.

Mason S., Staff Writer

The MatCats have just started off their 2017 season with many new talented wrestlers. They are looking for a strong season and working through tough, challenging practices.On November 15, they open their season against Walker and Holy Innocents’.

Coach Chuck Breithaupt, the Middle School Wrestling Head Coach, said, “We’re looking really good. We have a lot of returning wrestlers, especially with the seventh graders. Almost all of our seventh graders wrestled as sixth graders, so that’s pretty good. They are athletic, and we are moving at a very fast pace. We feel like we are ready for the season.”

According to the Middle School Wrestling Rules, there are 14 weight classes, with the lowest being 75 pounds and the highest being over 185 pounds. Coach Breithaupt said, “We’re hoping for a strong season, but we are lacking a few of the upper weight classes for the dual meets, so that sets us back a little bit, but other than that we look pretty strong at each weight class, and I’m thinking we are going to have a good season.”

Being a strong wrestler requires leadership and motivation. Daniel N., an eighth grade wrestler, said, “I’ve performed as a great leader I feel, even though my record last year didn’t really show it, but this year, I’m ready to take the mat by storm.”

Some wrestlers have been training in the offseason to get ready. Michael T., another eighth grader, said, “Last year I did alright, but this year will be a better season because I went to a summer camp for it.”

To be ready for the wrestling matches, the wrestlers have to work hard in every practice. Coach Breithaupt said, “We drill really hard, and it’s constant movement from the time we start to the time we finish, so that’s part of their conditioning. Also we get the weight room, and that’s a another great way to add some strength.”

Michael said, “We do live wrestling at the end of every practice, which is kind of like a match, and I always go one hundred percent. And I’m always exhausted by the end of practice.”

Some wrestlers save up for the final competition in practice. Walt said, “You can’t work too hard because if you do then you will get too tired to wrestle well at the end of practice, but basically you always want to beat your opponent because it gets you bragging rights for the day.”

In the practices, the wrestlers are taught new ways to win a match against an opponent. By pinning an opponent, a wrestler earns two points, and by escaping, earns one point. One can also score when the opponent gets a penalty. Walt said, “We’ve learned all the basics in practice and we have learned some new cool stuff to use.”

For others, practices is about gaining that extra edge. Michael said, “The best part of wrestling is trying to give that extra ounce that the other guy isn’t giving, just to show that you’re stronger, faster and better.”

The first match of the season occurs on November 15 against Walker and Holy Innocents’ at home. Michael said, “I’m hype for it. I can’t wait. I can’t believe it’s almost here, and I’m really excited for the match.”

Ultimately, Coach Breithaupt agrees. He said, “Both of these teams are very well prepared and well coached, and so we are going to have to be at our best, but I do feel like we are ready. It’s going to be a good contest for us.”