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The Unspoken Story of Sports: Managers

William M., Staff Writer

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In sports, someone is working in the background making sure players get their water, managing practices, and helping players. These people in the background are the team’s managers.

The announcements never mention them, and they’re never really talked about in sports conversations, but they are essential to the team.

This fall for seventh grade football team, the managers were Ella R., Avery M., Brantley L., and Sage G. For the eighth grade football team, the managers were Allie G., Emma T., Julia P., and Walton N.

Photo by Doug Gosden

Most managers work with the football teams in the fall, but some manage wrestling, basketball, and swimming/diving in the winter season. This year for the first time in middle school, eighth grader Camille M. is managing the swim team.

Camille finds being a manager fun. She also thinks the job is relatively easy. She is friends with the team members and hopes to continue through high school.

“My jobs at meets are running DQ slips to Ms. Notestine on the computer and posting results on the wall for the parents to see,” said Camille M.

Jim Collis coaches the varsity football team and is very appreciative of his managers that work hard at both practices and games.

“They’re a big factor in the day-to-day management of running the team and setting up the practices, delivering water, doing essential things that we take for granted sometimes as coaches. They’re big parts of the team,” said Coach Collis.

Coaches are very appreciative of their managers, and the managers likewise are appreciative of their special jobs. Players are equally thankful for the managers.

Jonny F., a seventh grader, played on the seventh grade football team. “Managers help greatly because they assist with waters and equipment, so coaches can stick to the game instead of having to worry about water or equipment,” said Jonny F.

Coaches and players feel the same way about managers relieving them of some of their responsibilities. Both players and coaches feel that middle school managers have just as much of an important role as varsity managers.

As the winter sports are gearing up, managers are joining teams to help out.

Managers are not always talked about, but players and coaches recognize them for everything they do. Go find a manager and give them a big thank you!

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  1. HunterW0022 on December 8th, 2017 12:42 pm

    Very informative, William!

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The Unspoken Story of Sports: Managers