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Boys GolfCats Take on a New Season

Brooks P., Staff Writer

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As spring nears and many are talking about baseball, lacrosse and soccer, the MS boys GolfCats take part in a sport that not many Westminster students talk about.

Tryouts begin the week of February 20. The Cats have been preparing for this upcoming season. Eighth grade boy Price M. said, “I grinded on the range and practiced with friends.”

Photo courtesy of Shane Smith, Wikimedia Commons

Eighth grader Hap G. said, “I’ve done quite a bit of preparation. Practicing multiple times a week and meeting with my coach as well.”

Coach Patty Johnson will carry about 12 players on the roster and will travel to about eight to 10 tournaments this season. She has specific aspirations for this year’s squad. She said, “We want to learn a lot while winning matches.”

The GolfCats have high hopes for this season. Hap said, “We’re going to go undefeated and win state. Marist was our only competition last year, and most of their good players are gone now.”

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Boys GolfCats Take on a New Season