Girls LaxCats Open Season with a Loss

Julia P., Staff Writer

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Photo by Julia P.

Winter coats are put away, and the grass is looking greener; it’s time for spring sports. Lacrosse tryouts for seventh and eighth grade girls are over, and the season has begun. On Saturday, February 24, the LaxCats lost 18-7 to Blessed Trinity.

The coaches this year are Amanda Barksdale and Hartley Glass. Coaches look for many attributes in a player.

Coach Barksdale listed these traits: “Coachability, the ability to catch onto a new sport; general athleticism; and playing offense or defense. In defense specifically keeping your girl in front of you and not letting her go to goal. Can you pick up a ground ball and can you pass? Mostly, overall just knowing that your skills aren’t as good now as they will be at the end of the season.”

Eighth grade girl Jordan S. said, “I am excited to be an eighth grader this season because we can get to know the seventh graders and set good examples for them.”

Exactly 30 girls made the team, seven in eighth grade and 23 in seventh. This ratio was expected, given there were only eight seventh graders on the team last year.

Eleanor K., a seventh grader, said, “I think it’s good everybody made the team so no one is let down.”

Seventh grader Margret R. is happy she decided to try out for lacrosse. She said, “My friends are trying out, I wanted to do a spring sport, and I’ve heard lacrosse is fun at Westminster.”

It’s the seventh graders’ first year trying out for sports, so none of them have played lacrosse for Westminster before. Many girls have heard things about Westminster sports in general, but specifically lacrosse.

Seventh grade girl Caroline I. said, “I heard that lacrosse at Westminster is really fun, and I’ve heard everyone on the team is really nice.”

Most of the girls have played on teams before. The Northside Church lacrosse program has been a popular lacrosse league for girls. The real gameplay prepares the athletes well for the season.

“I have been playing on a Northside team for two years,” said Millie N., a seventh grade girl.

Some students have just done clinics or privates. Caroline said, “I have never played on a team, but I have been practicing with my brother, and I did the Westminster clinic.”

The girls practice five times a week, an hour and a half a day to prepare for their first game against Blessed Trinity, one of the harder teams to beat.

Last year, the team finished with a 10-2-1 record, losing to Blessed Trinity once.

Some returning eighth graders thought last season was a major success. “Last season went very well, we had a lot of good wins against hard teams,” said Jordan.

The varsity girls lacrosse program has won six championships. The first was in 2002, and the last was in 2013. This year, four freshmen made varsity: Olivia B., Maddie V., Allie W., and Eleanor C.

Eighth grade girl Amelia W. said, “I will be trying out for lacrosse next year; my goal is to hopefully make varsity.”

Photo by Julia P. 

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