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VolleyCats Serve up a New Season

Janine H., Staff Writer

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By Janine H.

The VolleyCats are in the midst of another exciting season. The Green and White teams have already played 11 games and have currently won five.

This season, the VolleyCats have played many competitive schools such as St. Pius twice, Inman, South Forsyth, Blessed Trinity, Wesleyan, Lovett, GAC, and Marist.

Green volleyball team head coach Catherine Zidow said, “St. Pius was a ridiculously talented team, and they were very good. I have been really impressed with the willingness to grow from all my girls, and they have grown twice as much already than they had in August. My goal is to have each girl have a 6/2 system and have fundamentals.”

The team is working toward being comfortable playing the game and working on improving in the game. Every day practices started off with rotations, and they are now working on skills.

Eighth grader Elle M. plays on the white volleyball team. She said, “I was challenged with my serve, and I was also scared about tryouts. I still struggle with it but I’m working on improving to become a better player.”

Eighth grader Ava W. on the white team also said, “When I started volleyball this summer, it was really hard for me so I worked really hard and practiced by myself in my free time.”

Games are a time to bond with each other and come together as a team for the VolleyCats. Margaret R., an eighth grade green team player, said, “I love the games, and they are really fun because I hang out with my friends.”

Positions are a key importance in games for volleyball players. Claire B., an eighth grade green player, said, “My position is a setter, and it is my favorite because you have more playing time. The position is also really fun because I am a very active person.”

Most players recommend Westminster volleyball because it is a place to interact with friends while participating in a sport that is enjoyable and fun.

As the Head of the Middle School and mother of a player on the team, Danette Morton is a big fan. She said, “Watching my child play a sport she loves, I feel a great sense of gratitude and joy. I feel grateful that she has this opportunity, and I love watching her grow.”

As the team wraps up its season, the VolleyCats are preparing for their final tournament and are ready to get more victories and celebrate what they have become this season.





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  1. RileyS0023 on November 7th, 2018 11:00 am

    Your quotes are really good and they add a lot of value to the story!

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VolleyCats Serve up a New Season