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Eighth Grade Football: Cats Reach Midseason

Ikechi A., Staff Writer

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The eighth grade football players have kicked off their season with a 2-1 start, defeating GAC 26-0 and Wesleyan 34-0. The Cats showed grit and hard work in triumphing ­­­­­over two strong teams. They played a close match last Saturday against the tough team Woodward, losing 32 – 28.

Quinton E., Bobby Y., Carson S., Henry C., and Owen O. are the stars of the show, totaling 88 points so far with only 32 points conceded. Their skills are owed to their excellent coaches, Gary Jones, Thomas Morse, Andre Fulton, Mark Harrison, and Keith Malcom. The team aims to keep up its undefeated streak and remain top-dog above all other opponents.

“So far, our season has been filled with ups and downs. There have been successful results, but there is still work to be done in terms of execution and life lessons beyond the field,” said Coach Jones.

Coach Jones, who has been head coach for several years, says football isn’t all about the sport itself and the score on the board at the end of the game. Instead, he believes there are also lessons to be taught and that the performance on the field needs to be better.

Although, football is well known for frequent injuries. All of the tackling, bumping, and head hitting can be thrilling, but also painful. So far, seven out of 26 players have been injured during the two games and several practices.

“The good news is, although our numbers are down, all athletes that came out can contribute and replace the positions of the injured player and play them just as well,” said Coach Jones.

The team’s strength in numbers allows the Cats to not collapse because of a downed player; someone else is always ready to step up to the play. This reflects what Westminster sports are about. Football is a non-cut sport, which means there are no try outs. This gives middle schoolers the opportunity to try a sport and learn about it and get better at it. The coaches play a big part in improving the skills of the players.

“It is fun this year because their everybody gets a chance to play. It’s also cool going out and representing your school in a sport I like,” said Carson. “I feel like football is a lifestyle because it takes up some time, but it’s not a burden. And it takes away the pressures of school.”

Bound together by trust and integrity, the eighth grade football team seems ready to recover for the final four games they will play. Next up for the Wildcats is a matchup against St. Pius this Saturday at 10 a.m.

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Eighth Grade Football: Cats Reach Midseason