BatCats Off to Winning Season

Jenny J., Staff Writer

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The middle school softball team, made up of 16 players, is off to a winning season with a 9-3 record.

Marist, one of the three schools who defeated the BatCats, has been tough competition, according to the players. Lia D., an eighth grade girl, said, “Marist has very good hitters so it makes you be on your toes all the time.”

The softball team’s practice times depend on what they are practicing that day and are typically one hour and a half.

The girls think that sometimes the practices are a little too long. Cameron H., a seventh grade girl, said, “I guess the practices could be a little shorter because sometimes we just stand around while the coaches talk.”

Quinn S., an eighth grade girl, said, “Most of us play softball outside of school anyways, so it’s just tiring.”

The team’s success may have something to do with the fact that many of the players play softball outside of school as well. Virginia H., Quinn, and Cameron H. play at NYO, and Lia  plays at Seventh Inning.

The games also last about an hour and a half and go seven innings unless one team is winning by over ten runs. 

Playing time is a big topic for middle school sports. Quinn said, “I think at the middle school level playing time should be equal even if it isn’t deserved, because you want to build people up for high school, where I think playing times should be given based on how hard you work.”

Playing middle school sports is a chance to branch out with friendships.

Lia said, “My favorite part of being on the middle school softball team is having the opportunity to play with another grade and make new friends.”

The BatCats take on Pace September 20 at 5 p.m.

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