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Pigskin Picnic: An Annual Tradition

Rhodé O., Staff Writer

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The Pigskin Picnic is a beloved tradition that kicks off the school year the first week of September.

In a survey taken by 128 students, about 80 percent of them did attend the Pigskin Picnic this year.

It is clear that the reason for the Pigskin Picnic’s success is mainly due to the student body. About 97 percent of people that have attended in the past like to hang out with their friends at the event.

Eighth grade boy Cooper T. said, “I think that if my friends never went to the Pigskin Picnic, I would either not go or not enjoy it as much.”

Even though most people hangout with their friends, football is still always exciting to watch. Kenneth S., an eighth grade boy who enjoys watching football, said, “I always like to come to the picnic to watch football even though we lose sometimes.”

The Pigskin Picnic has always been an exciting way to relax and enjoy life with friends. However, not everybody likes to go.

Seventh grade girl Susan Riley I. said, “I haven’t gonel and I probably never will. It is too energetic and loud for me.”

Another reason people enjoy this popular tradition is the atmosphere. Most people are happy and peaceful which makes for a perfect time to bond with someone or to meet somebody new.

Art teacher Kim Blodgett said, “I love how everybody is so positive, and it is a great way to meet somebody. Sometimes my friends are not able to attend, so I am always trying to engage a conversation with somebody who I would not usually talk to.”

Most people are happy with the Pigskin Picnic, but are open to changes. Another eighth grade boy, Quinton E., said, “I wish there was a designated place for little kids, so I wouldn’t have to babysit my little brother the whole time.”

It is clear that every middle school student who attends the Pigskin Picnic has something to keep them entertained. Whether it is watching the Varsity Football team or hanging out with friends, the Pigskin Picnic is a way to relax, forget about worries, and just have fun.

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Pigskin Picnic: An Annual Tradition