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8th Grade Boys Take Championship Basketball Title

Mack T., Staff Writer

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This winter, the four middle school basketball teams faced tough opponents and worked hard through numerous practices and games. Each of the players tried their hardest even if they were facing the toughest competition they had ever seen.

For the second year in a row, the class of 2023’s boys basketball team won the championship. Eighth graders finished with a record of 16-2, proving their dominance in the league.

The team was not only very physical, but the players also had a great mentality going on to the court. Quinton E. said, “Before every game, we had our minds right.”

Having a good mindset is the key to victory most of the time. At halftime during the championship game against St. Pius, the score was tied 18-18. The spirits of the players were raised by the famous Gary Jones, a well-loved Westminster coach.

Tyler H., a basketball player, said, “At halftime, we were all tied up, and we got a speech from Coach Jones that raised our intensity and mentality.”

What made them strong was that they were balanced. Their bodies and minds could communicate very smoothly. 

Henry C. was the leader of the offense and spent many hours at his house perfecting his shot. He said, “Practice makes permanent, not perfect.”  He tried not to practice the wrong form because that could’ve messed up his shot which could have lost the championship for the Cats.

The other middle school teams also met with success this winter season.

The seventh grade boys basketball team finished with a winning record of 10-7. Will R. said, “We were able to move the ball really well.”

The middle school girls white basketball team faced really strong teams, and, unfortunately, they finished with a 4-5 record.

The girls’ green team pulled through and finished their season 10-5. “We were strongest together, as a team,” said Rose G., an eighth grade girl.

In conclusion, all of the players went onto the court and gave it their all no matter what challenges they had to face. They finished off their seasons strong and are ready to show off their skills for many years to come.


Photo Courtesy of Jamila Jones 


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8th Grade Boys Take Championship Basketball Title