TrackCats Sprint Into a New Season

James H., Staff Writer

Westminster Track and Field athletes recently started their season with a home meet against Wesleyan, Lovett, and Perimeter on Thursday, March 14. The girls won and the boys finished second, behind Perimeter.

Athletes got to give input about what events they wanted to do, from shot put to the 3200-meter run. They get to participate in a sport that is individual, but just as much a team sport.

Most people enjoy track because either their friends participate as well, or they just want to show what they have to offer.

Seventh-grader Esfan D. said, “I enjoy track and field because there are multiple ways to win, and it’s individual but also a team sport.”

Bryson W., a seventh grader, also said, “My friends do it, and it is more fun to do sports with friends.”

Opinions on meets vary, with some thinking it is set up well and some thinking it is way too chaotic.

Seventh-grader Leo F. said, “Westminster has many people doing each event, and there are lots of volunteers helping out to make the meets better and less crazy.”

Eighth-grader Parker S. does not do track and field, but he has been to the meets. Parker said, “Even though there is a lot to do for the meets, I think they could do a little better. The meets also seem like they take way too long.”

Eighth-grade boy Quinton S. said, “I don’t like how Westminster sets up the meets because they always go on for a while, and it does not give me much time to do my homework.”

Overall, the most popular track and field events are running events such as 400m, 1600m, and 3200m.

Eighth-grader Cooper T. said, “I like running the most because I am really good at it, and I can help the team a lot.”

Some people would do track and field this spring, but most can’t because they already are doing another school sport in the spring. In rare cases, some athletes do two sports in the spring, balancing a cut sport with track and field.

Some people do track and field since it is very physical. Tyler H., an eighth-grader, said, “Track and field helped me get in shape for other sports.”

Rain or shine, athletes will still compete in their meet. Lia D., an eighth-grade girl said, “Even if it’s pouring rain at the time of the meet, the track meet still goes on.”

Track and field can be something to get students in shape, but it can also be a fun activity to do in the spring or something to do with friends. People do track and field for all different reasons, but for most, it is a lot of fun.

The track team will have their next meet on Thursday, March 21 against Woodward.