BatCats Finishing Strong

Quinton E., Staff Writer

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The middle school baseball season is coming to an end. Both the seventh and eighth grade teams have been in hard-fought battles throughout this season.

The seventh grade boys are currently in the playoffs, while the eighth grade boys just ended their season with a 3-10 record.

Eighth grader John H. said, “Our season was not going that well. We weren’t winning as much as we should have.”

Alternatively, the seventh grade boys record is 9-3. Brooks B. is one of the many players on the team. “The Westminster baseball team is doing pretty well. I also play on another team outside of Westminster to hang with friends,” he said.

Photo Courtesy of Zeke H.

The players had a week of tryouts in February. However, because of the number of players this year, no one had to be cut. Each year the coaches look for certain characteristics during tryouts.

Middle school P.E. teacher and baseball coach Chad Laney said, “I look for two elements when selecting baseball players. I look for offensive and defensive strengths. I also look for how they play under pressure.”


Sixth grade boy William W. can’t wait to get involved in sports next year when seventh graders are first allowed to represent their school. “I plan to play baseball every year till the end of high school,” he said.

Eighth grade girl Jordan C. has gone to a boys game to cheer on the BatCats. She said, “They looked pretty good and were fun to watch.”

Eighth grader Zeke H. has had a fun time and made memories with the baseball team. He said, “This is my first time on the Westminster baseball team, and I got to start at pitcher.”

While the eighth graders lost in the first round of the playoffs, the seventh graders face St. Pius on Monday at 7 p.m.

Eighth grader Marshall B. said, “We lost, but I’m honestly just preparing for next season now.”

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