The Cats are on the Path to back-to-back Undefeated Seasons


Jeb B, Reporter


Last year, the 7th-grade football team went 7-0 against their league. The Cats dominated the opposition; the starting defense never let anyone score on them. Their closest game was against Marist, the second-best team in the league. Even then Westminster won 20-0. With coaches White and Laney, could the 8th-grade team pull out another undefeated season?


Offensive lineman, Garner Crow said that he is pumped about the new season and ready to play. When asked if he thinks the team can go undefeated, Garner replied,” based on the talent that we have, yes we can.” 


Some people didn’t play last year and are going to this year. Timeyin Abeyegbe plays wide receiver for the Cats and is one of those people. He said,” I watched the team last year and realized too late that I wanted to play football instead of soccer.” His thought on the upcoming season is,” we’ve already had a game, I was excited to play in it, and I think I played well.” 


But the makings of a great football team are not just in the players, but also the people surrounding them. Coach White is one of the head coaches for the 8th-grade team this year. He also coached them last year in their undefeated season.” I am excited to work with this group of people again, especially because I coached them last year.” When asked about an undefeated season, he replied,” I think this team has the potential to achieve that goal if we work hard and play smart.” 


But coaches aren’t the only people surrounding the team. The team managers are a crucial part of any team’s success.  One of the three team managers is Alexandra Kent. “I think we have a great team and are going to have a good season,” she said after being asked about the upcoming season. When asked about another undefeated season, she replied,” After watching the Pius game and winning 28-6 I think they can pull it out.” This win was one of the most crucial wins of the season because we came out and showed that we weren’t going to act cocky about last year, just ready to win.


The makings of a great football team are not just in the players, but also the coaches and staff. The players are the muscle of the team, but the coaches and managers are the bones that hold the team up. Will there be an undefeated team leaving middle school? Cheer on the 8th-grade Cats and find out!