Teachers Throw Back to Middle School

Virginia M., Staff Writer

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Some students find it difficult to accept, but teachers were kids not so long ago. They took tests, played in sports games, completed homework, got in trouble with their teachers, and handled the stress of middle school.  

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Dietrich

Photo courtesy of Ms. Dietrich

A math teacher at Westminster, Danelle Dietrich, grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She was close enough to the beach that she could ride there on her bike. She was an only child but always had a dog to keep her company.     

She remembers having some teachers that she hated and some teachers that she loved, just like most students today. She would often get in trouble for talking too much.

Her favorite thing to do on the weekends was going to the mall with friends or riding to the beach. She said, “I really did live close enough to ride to the beach. I don’t think I realized how lucky I was then.”

One trend she remembers everyone following in middle school was they wore corduroy Levi’s in every color. People also had tape over the Levi’s logo on the pocket so people couldn’t pull it off.

Photo Courtesy of Ms. Blodgett

Another teacher at Westminster, Kim Blodgett, was born and raised on a mountain in Vermont. She had three sisters and one brother and lived right next door to her grandma. My family is an active family. “We all competed in sports and always pushed each other to be faster, better, and more skilled. We were all close growing up and still are as adults,” she said.

Ms. Blodgett was very well rounded. She said,“I ran cross country, played basketball, and did track and field. I had a lot of success in running. I participated in student government and went to Girls State, a leadership camp. But probably the thing I am most proud of is I was voted most friendly by my classmates.”

Her favorite thing to do on the weekend was play basketball with the guys. She also enjoyed windsurfing and sailing. She normally slept in what she was going to wear the next day because she didn’t care what she looked like. 

Despite what most students believe, teachers used to be kids too not so long ago.