8th Grade NOC Retreat!

Check out photos from the 8th graders' trip to the Nantahala Outdoor Center!


Kate M and Foster B

Hi! We are Foster B and Kate M, and we recently got back from 2019’s annual 8th grade Nantahala retreat!

We arrived at the Nantahala Outdoor Center at around 9:30. After various activities such as rafting, team building, ziplining, and wilderness skills, we all took a break for some pizza! Foster B (closest to the camera) and her friends captured the memory together.

This is a picture of Group 3 after their first zipline on the Mountain Top. The Mountain Top zipline includes 8 lines, each connected by a platform. One of the lines is a half-mile long!

This view is from the perspective of the person zipping across. You get to see scenery like this for the whole two hours!

Included in this photo are Kate M, Katie N, and the twig shelter their group built. “It was amazing how the temperature got so much warmer when you stuck your hand inside,” share Kate and Katie.

Group 2 had so much fun building their shelter and working as a team!

After a long day of activities, each group got a special treat: s’mores!

Everyone bonded after working together to complete hard activities during Team Building!

Even though the water is 37ºF, white-water rafting was a blast – each boat included a tour guide who took us through the scenery like we were there when it happened! “Rafting was fun, but the water was cold,” share Lane H and Jeb B.

Everyone has fun talking on the giant blue chair beside the river!

Lunch breaks are the best time for skipping stones in the warm breeze!

Overall, this was an amazing retreat – everyone had fun, got a chance to try out all the activities, and bonded with new friends!