Robotics Showcase Celebrates Successful Season

Anand S., Staff Writer

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Photo by Anand S.

On Friday, March 3, the robotics team hosted a showcase to display the teams’ new robots. After school, all of the team members and interested students and teachers gathered in the STEAM room.

After competing in many different tournaments throughout the year, the students had the opportunity to show off their robots’ skills and functions to other students and teachers, while the visitors were allowed to drive and control the robots.

This showcase was a fun experience for the team members and the guests. Jack S., an eighth grade member of the robotics team said, “It was really fun because we got to compete with our friends and celebrate our hard work throughout the year.”

When competing with each other, the team members used the robots they had created earlier in the year.  These robots were designed for the purpose of picking up jacks and cubes for the selected game in the robotics competitions. In this game the robots had to pick up materials and throw them over a barrier onto their opponent’s side.

The different groups set off building robots with similar structures but minor differences. One group added a claw to help pick up cubes, and another relied on their robot’s arm.

After building the robots, the team members competed against other schools to test the quality of each group’s robot. Two teams from the Westminster robotics team made it to the state competition in different ways.

The team of Yash K., Pierce R., Andrew T., Benjamin S., and Sidney N. made it to state by winning two regional tournaments, while Jack S., Matthew P., James C., and Andrew C. made it to the state tournament by having great driving skills.

These two teams worked hard in building and competing with their robots and were rewarded with a place in the state tournament. The team of Yash, Pierce, Andrew, Benjamin, and Sidney even made it to the playoffs due to their great performance in the first round of the state tournament.

This year has been a successful one for the robotics team, and the showcase was just one way to exhibit their achievements and hard work.

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