MathCounts: Unsung Champions

Andrew D., Staff Writer

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Do you ever wonder how incredible math students at our school continue to push themselves to new levels, or about the insane amount of trophies on Pete Davenport’s walls?

The MathCounts team has frequently been in the announcements as of late due to the immense number of awards and great finishes they have had in Math Competitions across the state.

Eighth grader Aaron Y. is even advancing to compete in the National MathCounts competition against students from all across the country, even as far as California.

Aaron started exploring math competitions when he was young, so it was a perfect fit with the math team when he came to Westminster this year.

Aaron is very excited to compete in the national competition, and his favorite part of going to the competitions is getting to meet the other competitors because they are the best of the best.

He is representing the State of Georgia in the national competition which takes place in Orlando, staging 56 different teams all striving to win.

Pete Davenport, a veteran eighth grade math teacher, started the club called MathCounts that has won countless trophies and awards against other gifted students from across the state and the country.

Mr. Davenport with the help of fellow math teachers Mrs. Spruill and Mrs. Dietrich got involved as a math teacher who wanted to help students unlock their math abilities. He said, “My favorite part is getting kids to discover how talented they are when solving math problems.”

The MathCounts team does not just show up for practice, they show up looking to win and win big. Mr. Davenport estimates that the MathCounts team has taken home well over 100 trophies over the years in Math Competitions around the State.

Kiran G., an eighth grade boy, discovered the MathCounts club in sixth grade, and it has been a great opportunity for him to challenge himself and compete.

Kiran explained that there are four-levels of competitions to qualify for. The first level being the student’s school through a math contest, and if one qualifies well, the Chapter, State, and Nationals come next against a melting pot of students from different schools.

Students can hold two different roles on MathCounts, one being the 4-person competition team and the other being the ten-person individual competition team.

Overall, MathCounts is a unique and interesting opportunity for excellent math students to reach the stars, and truly unlock their mathematical abilities. Mr. Davenport would love to help anyone interested succeed and win trophies!

Photo Courtesy of Mr. Davenport

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