Clubs: A Way To Have Fun During School

Ben H., Staff Writer

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Have you ever wanted to draw, debate, study chemistry, jumprope, play card games, garden during the school day? Students may be thinking that they don’t have enough time to do any of that. But there’s a time during school hours when they can do all of those activities and more.

A club is a fun Friday activity in which students group together to pursue a passion, play games, or just have fun. And there are lots of clubs.

Whatever students want to do, they can do, and with a good idea, all they need is members and a teacher sponsor.

Clubs provide a fun experience to students so they can wind down from classes and not have to worry about how school is going. Many enjoy them.

“They’re fun and can be after school, and it doesn’t affect my grades,” said sixth grader Akul R.

Clubs also give time for much needed socializing with friends the schedule doesn’t give much time to do otherwise. One student is a fan of WCAT.

“I like WCAT because you can hang out with your friends and come up with stuff to interview people with and you get to make videos,” said sixth grader Jacob W.

According to a recent survey, the most popular club in the middle school is the Alfred Hitchcock Club, followed by the Sketchy Club, then WCAT, and then Chapel Council.

Clubs offer the opportunities to support charities, to play card games, to draw, and jump rope, as well as other activities. But it’s much more than watching old movies.

“We watch movies through the lens of filming techniques while learning about the history of films and how the director is putting out what he wants to create,” said English teacher and Alfred Hitchcock Club sponsor Colin Mackey.

In the sketchy club, it goes deeper than straight up art class.

“I want to provide a space where students can come in to work on projects that are drawing-based that they might not have time to do in their regular schedules,” said art teacher and Sketchy club sponsor Kim Blodgett.

Each club is special in its own way, teaching different things or giving a place for people to come together and exchange ideas and more.

“Because it’s student led, the students have the freedom to do what they want, and I’m basically just a facilitator. I’m not telling them what to do; they’re asking me how. Allowing that freedom helps keep kids here. I’m creating a space where they want to be here and not have to be here,” said Ms. Blodgett.

The Alfred Hitchcock Club gets students into older films, typically ignored by the general population of today’s youth.

“Not sure it’s special, but the reason we get such big crowds is because in club period you either do a club or have recess, so I thought that watching a cool suspenseful movie would be fun and the kids would hopefully learn from it. The screen there is bigger than a lot of movie theatres. The experience is so much better than watching it at home. That’s why so many kids come to the club, because it’s better than at home,” said English teacher and Alfred Hitchcock Club sponsor Colin Mackey.

Not only do the clubs give students free time to do things they wouldn’t be able to do at home, there’s also interesting stories about the clubs.

“One time, it was at the most suspenseful part of the movie, and then the bell rang, and all the kids just screamed, and there were like 80 kids there, so we finished watching that part, and everybody was about 10 minutes late for class,” said Colin Mackey.

Whether pursuing a passion, winding down from class, socializing with friends, or just straight up having fun, clubs are great. So keep drawing, keep supporting charities, being the chemist, debating, organizing events, playing card games,  jump roping, drawing, crafting, gardening, etc.

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